Saturday, August 29, 2020

Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap & Talk

Company: Mitchell’s Product: Wool Fat Shaving Soap Mitchells Wool Fat Shaving soap has been talked about often in the wet shaving community mostly because of the mystery of how to lather it. When I first got mine it came in a ceramic shaving bowl which I think is part of the allure of the product. You have to love the packaging the box looks like it hasn’t changed since the original soap was made back in the ’30s and changing it now would be a big mistake due to its iconic nature. This soap is lovingly referred to as MWF in the shaving community.
The scent is one of my favorites but not having some kind of notes list is making it difficult to accurately pinpoint what each one would be. All I can say is it’s clean and fresh and I haven’t found anyone so far that didn’t like it.

This is a hard puck so no matter what you have heard it must be bloomed I think this is where people are having issues trying to lather this because if this is not done you going nowhere fast. I found something that pretty much says it all “Mitchell's does have the reputation of being a little difficult to lather. For MWF it helps to soak the puck in the water while you shower to help soften the soap (roughly 5 minutes or so). Soak your brush and shake it out well before lathering, the drier bristles will help pick up a bit more soap.” Take it from me this is great advice follow this and I’m sure you’ll have no issues making a lather.

The performance is outstanding the lather I created got right into the beard and provided amazing coverage getting deep in the beard. The slickness and glide were tops allowing me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. My post-shave feel was fantastic only which I could have followed up with an MWF aftershave.

So if you follow the advice of lathing this puck you should have no excuse not to give this one a try and join the MWF club today!

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