Saturday, November 21, 2020

WizaShave & Christmas Time

Companies: Wet The Face / Wizashave
Products: Christmas Time / IRIDIUM Blades

This week along with showing our Christmas Time shaving soap we have a new blade we’re going to review from called IRIDIUM Super extra Stainless Blade. Not sure what they mean by extra stainless how does something stainless become extra stainless is beyond my knowledge. My question is could these be the same blades as Polsilver Double Edge Razor Blades Super Iridium my guess is yes but I'm going to ask WizaShave for that answer.

Whatever the answer the ones I used from Wizashave have changed my mind on finding something to equal or surpass my beloved Personna Blue Blades. These new blades performed amazingly in my Model T adjustable razor and for the very first time, I had one of the best shaves without using my Occam’s Razor Nano-Enhanced. If I would take this blade into another Razor I might find the results drastically different it's just the way things are the right blade for the right razor.

There are so many factors that go into the perfect shave the shaving soap is just a small part of the overall equation finding hardware which is best for your shave is also key. One thing is for certain you can spend $400.00 on a razor but it does not guarantee it will work best for you no matter what blade you use I’ve seen this happen to many people over the years. 

So I’ll just touch on this Christmas Time shaving soap. Our first release of this was in 2015- 2016 it pretty much ran it course and people wanted something different so for the next 4 year we turned out holidays releases which I think people loved. Just last year I was asked by a few members when is Christmas Time was coming back and as not to disappoint I set out to have it return for this holiday season but had a hard time finding everything I needed to make aftershaves as well so we only had enough to make the shaving soap. We did manage to redesign the label which I think makes it a very special return. 

So, we only have one more holiday release left to show and that is Mr. Warlock I hope you stay tuned to see that shave next week but until then Be Safe, Be Kind, and wear a mask for everyone including the people you love. Stay Strong good news will be here soon and may God bless us all.

Wet the Face

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