Saturday, December 12, 2020

Wickham Shaving Soap -1912 Cashmere

Company: Wickham Shaving Soap
Product: 1912 Cashmere

As we inch closer to 2021 which could not come any quicker if you ask me I’m getting more calls to do reviews from product manufacturers which tells me companies are more confident that we're moving in the right direction. I also just got word that Fine will be releasing the new line called 21 Century Shaving Soap. This will be interesting comparing it to the original classic formula.

Today I’m using something from Wickham Shaving Co. Called 1912 Cashmere. This scent is just fantastic Top Notes: Bergamot, Basil Leaf, Heart Notes: White Patchouli, Base Notes: Oak Moss. My tub has been dormant for some time and needed blooming to wake it up and that seems to do the trick because it lathered up so well like it was brand new.

I found the soap to have all the best qualities with great lather, slickness, and glide. The lather was thick and creamy allowing it to get right into the beard with good coverage. The slickness and glide allowed me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. The best part was the post shave feel which was very nice along with the aftershave Strawanza Eau de Cologne by WIENER SCHURKEN

I did have a few things to say about some TV & Netflix movies I've seen like The Crown is one and at this writing, I’m on Season 4 and enjoy the experience and can’t believe how much the royals had to endure being who they are. The other was a movie called Snowden about the whistleblower or traitor depending on your point of view. It's an amazing insight into the other side of how our government works and why it does the things it does which are sometimes questionable. It leaves one thinking that’s for sure. 

So, I hope everyone is doing well and as I hear the FDA just gave the go-ahead for the vaccines to start and the first will be front line workers the elderly in nursing homes, etc.. most likely by the time I get it it will be will into 2021 like June or July. Be safe everyone stay strong.

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