Saturday, February 13, 2021

Pearl Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor V2.0

A few months ago Pearl a shaving company released what they called the Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor and it made a big splash in the wet shaving community. After a week later a few people started to comment on this strange alignment problem. It was reported that when turning the razor to about 2-3 on the adjustment dial you would witness the dipping of the blade to one side.

After seeing many youtube videos on this subject and talking to several wet shavers and having images of this problem sent to me I have to say this is a real issue. The Pearl company was on this in a big way they told the customers that anyone that was not happy with this razor release they will be sending them a new razor as soon as the second batch with corrections was completed and this February that batch had been completed and I was lucky enough to be part of it as a reviewer of the product. I am calling this one the Pearl Flexi Adjustable Safety Razor 2.0 and this is what the review will be based on.

I’ll start off on the packaging which was amazing for a $100.00 razor Including shipping. I was blown away by the box design with its magnetic flap that would open and close the box. It reminded me of the luxury barber box I used to get but a little smaller. It came with a Thank you card a cleaning or polishing cloth, a Warranty Card, a Product Booklet that took you through the care and maintenance of the razor, and also how to use it as well.

Next, we have the base most razor in the price hardly come with a base and this one comes in a 4.2 oz with a silicone bottom so it won’t scratch any surface. Finally, we have the razor itself coming in at a hefty 5.0oz for a total of 9.2oz.

The handle has a wonderful pattern that makes it almost impossible to drop in your hand. the finish was not perfect but you would have to run your finger on the top cap to notice it. What I did notice was I had no logo on the top cab like I’ve seen in the youth video on their website I was a little bummed about that but no worries. Underneath the base mine had the stamp “Made In India” on one side the other had PEARL and the serial number.

The loading of this razor I was not too fond of since it is a two-piece razor the cap come off after twisting the knob at the very bottom. You need to place the razor blade through the steam so it marries to the underside of the cap where the notches are to hold the blade in place. There are many ways to do this all of them a pain in the ass. With this method, it only takes a little mistake to cut yourself and you didn’t even start to shave yet.

I did a test on our youtube channel looking at the issue that was described at the beginning of this article if you want to see that test don’t forget to take a look because we are going to move on to selecting the shave number which I used 2 and never readjusted because for me this razor can be very aggressive passed 3 so keep that in mine start low and move up if needed NEVER start on the highest number EVER but I did get an amazing shave on this number 2 setting.

Cleaning, Balance, and handling are all on par except if you don’t like a heavy razor being 5oz it might be too much to hold if you're the kind of person that does 3 passes.

All and all I had an amazing shave with this razor. I had no problems with any issues with the previous 1.0 release. Many people refer to this as the Rex Ambassador clone I’m not going to get into that here but I still wanted to mention it. Be that as it may, This is an amazing razor for the price so don’t let this one slip away.

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