Saturday, April 3, 2021

Method Men Shaving Cream

Company: Method Products
Product: Method Men Shaving Cream

Whenever I’m out doing errands no matter the store if they have a shaving section I always take a peek. This time I was in bed and bath and I found something I never tried before it’s called Method Men Shave Cream.

The packaging is attractive but the light gray with white text is extremely hard to read but other than that I like the way it looks and like the flip top to open and close lid it's appreciated.

The scent on this cream seems to be floral but the website reads it a crisp clean nautical note. Be that as it may, it still smells good but wouldn’t use it every day I would grow tired of it pretty fast.

No brush with the cream so all you need to do is apply it to a wet face and work it in. If you're expecting lots of lather then you’ll be disappointed although it does to a point create it I don’t think it’s that type of cream. What it does have is plenty and I mean plenty of slicknesses and glide this is where the shaving cream shines. My blade seems to just float over my face without effort truly one of the best I’ve used in a while. Sadly like all the creams in the past, they tend to dry out a little before the shave was over. This happens a lot to me and may not be the fault of this cream. All I had to do was wet my face a little to reactivate the slickness and I was able to finish without any kind of irritation.

The post-shave feel was truly fantastic it felt like I had a menthol shave and maybe I did I just could not identify all the ingredients in this cream plus again it was hard to read and even make out the words on the packaging.

In closing, I would use this again without hesitation. Would I put this in my rotation? maybe for a while then I would get tired of it but for $7.00 ya can’t go wrong just to give it a try and if you're in the need of something for vacation or business just throw this into your travel bag and it will get the job done?

Company: Method Products
Product: Method Men Shaving Cream

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