Saturday, April 17, 2021

Vintage Barbershop - Tallow Version

Tallow has had its pros and cons for as long as I have been into wet shaving and I’m sure it will continue after I’m long gone. I’ve seen everything from Beef, Dear, Duck, and Pig fat the list goes on. Some artisans even render it themselves. I’ve always strived to look for the best beef fat I can use in my tallow-based shaving soap pucks we released a few years ago.

We had some great feedback on them and since then the biggest question was when do you think you’ll have them in a soft-based formula. We thought about this, did we want to make a change out of hard pucks? So looking at trends we decided to reformulate the tallow puck into soft-based tallow shaving soap. We think this makes perfect sense for Wet The Face and our customers. We hope you enjoy the new formula let us know what you think.

Wet the Face

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