Saturday, December 25, 2021

Mongoose Razor • Mr. Warlock • School Of Chocolate

Today we use Mr. Warlock the mongoose Razor and we talk about a series called The School of Chocolate.

Mr. Warlock has been around for some time and is available year-round. I think it's the eucalyptus that makes this shaving soap so special. I’ve never experienced it in any other shaving soap like this one. Unfortunately, we are currently all out of Mr. Warlock and have been thinking about giving him a rest for a while but that’s still up in the air for 2022.

The mongoose on the other hand might be something you have never heard of or seen before. Two wet shavers from Boca Fl are behind this now retired single edge razor. This was the first single edge I ever owned and at the time of its release in 2014, this was the biggest news in wet shaving.

I remember the Facebook posts had everyone buzzing with excitement including me. No one knew just how many were going to be in the first run and everyone wanted to be included. I missed the first run but waited for the second and I think it paid off due to the improvements they have made to the construction. I heard the posts on which you place the single edge blade onto had broken on more than a few of them I have never had this issue with mine.

I found something out during this experience. This was a $125.00 single edge razor and I noticed lots of users saying how much they liked it and the first thing I realized is when people spend that much for a razor they tend to lie about it how great it is just to justify the purchase. I know this to be true because years later the truth about this razor came out on many forums.

it's very very aggressive and no matter what blade you use no matter what you do this will never change. The weight is about 4.8 oz and after shaving with it for more than a min you’ll feel like your arm is about to fall off this razor gets heavier and heavier the longer you use it. Its problems with the manufacture eventually lead to its demise.

As always I watched something on Netflix which you might want to look at its called the school of chocolate. An amazing series that is hosted by the most talented chocolate chef I’ve ever seen. You will be amazed at the things he brings to life and everything is edible. He gives away some of his secrets to making these outstanding confections. The students are already very good at what they do but he brings them all to a new level and it's amazing to see the results.

From all of us at Wet The Face Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
Stay Safe, Be kind to one another

Don Youngner
Wet the Face

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