Saturday, May 7, 2022

Arko Shaving Cream - Sensitive

When taking lunch at work, I like getting away from my desk to some of the local places we have in the city. My friend and I always pass this place called Davids its like any other dollar store filled with all kinds of stuff. Nestor loves to go to see what’s available and since it is on the way back it's not a problem but this last time was a shock. When we walked in I started to notice the shelves were almost empty in every aisle. We had the impression that the store was closing until I asked the cashier what was going on. She told us the products are just not getting to them nothing is coming in to restock the shelves that’s why they are so empty.

Since we were in the store anyway I started to look around and headed for the shaving department section when I caught something that I had never seen before the lineup of Arko shaving creams Fresh, Comfort, and Sensitive. They must have been here all along but now since they had empty space on the shelf they displayed everything differently. The best part of this entire thing was the price of each tube only $1.39 knowing that I had already done a Fresh review in the past I opted to give my friend Nestor that shaving cream in hopes of bringing him into the wet shaving community.

The Sensitive packaging is basically the same as all the other offerings from Arko. On the extra fresh packaging I have, it seems to have more exciting graphics these are pretty much very clean without anything to grab your attention with. This may be intentional for the US market.

The scent on Sensitive is nothing I would reach for a second time but if you have sensitive skin this might be one of a few choices you have to select from. If I need to describe this scent I would say it smells like medicine and not the good kind. I’m thinking this might be the active ingredient making this suitable or helping people with this kind of skin condition.

Lathering was not a problem no need for a bowl lather but I’m sure you can perform one with ease. I opted to do a face lather so I filled a brush with warm water and place a good amount of the shaving cream right in the bristles and worked it right into my beard. This generated a good amount of lather which provided great coverage. The slickness and glide were ok and allowed me to go over trouble spots without irritation. I did experience a drying of the cream like I do every time I use any shaving cream it’s just something that happens.

So regardless of the scent, it did give me a good shave if you have sensitive skin for $1.39 it's a no-brainer to at least give this one a try, and if you're lucky to stumble upon a store that carries them all the better.

As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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