Saturday, March 18, 2023

St Patrick's Day Shave With The Quiet Man

St Patrick's day just passed so I thought I would do a shave with The Quiet Man which was something I came up with after watching the movie of the same name. Whenever this movie airs I'm always drawn to it. I usually start to sit down and say to myself I'll only watch it for a little while and before you know it I'm watching the whole movie again. So glad we have this movie to watch today because I'm not sure it could be made in today's climate we are in. I'm sure you can find questionable actions from John Wayne all through the movie.

A little bit about the issues of aftershave balms we had tried to reorder our tottles which is the name for the aftershave balm wh bottles we use and they have been out of stock for some time now we needed to move to something different until they are available again there is no ETA on them so we are keeping a close eye on the situation in the meantime we have a substitute.

Also, Coconut oil had been back ordered for a while which we just got in so production is starting again you should see Arthur Shelby Bushmills back in stock soon and we are currently working on the 4th release in the series Polly Gray.

Also in this video, I mention that I received a call from the nursing home my wife is currently living in. They told me that Mary had a seizure. The reason for Mary's seizure was that St James ran out of medication. This was not the first time this has happened but after much yelling and apologizing they set up measures so this will never happen again (we will see) Now my wife has had them before but she is on this new medication that is not only controlling her seizures but allowing her to break out of the drug she was on for over 30 years called Phenobarbital. I'm so thankful we changed Neurologists not only was this new Dr. shocked that Mary had been on this very old drug at such a high dosage for so long she was confused why he had not moved her to a more modern medication. This new medication is amazing controlling not only her seizures but in only two months we all could see her break out of the zombie-like state she was in. It was like Mary had been sleeping all this time and now she is wide awake and doing better than ever. 

Well, that's it for now
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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