Saturday, August 26, 2023

Shaving With Arko Extra Fresh

Today I need a quick shave so I turn to a shaving cream. The one I picked is Arko Extra Fresh (ICE MINT). I'm more than halfway through the tube so after a while of looking I'm having a hard time finding a replacement online. It's been out of stock on so many sites I'm beginning to wonder if they stopped producing it altogether?

Well, I still needed to shave so this did that job extremely well. I wet my face placed a little in my hand and messaged it in, Next, I placed a small amount in my wet brush and started to face lather. It only took a few seconds and I was done a perfect lather with a great menthol feeling.

The slickness and glide are both perfect from this cream and it allowed me to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritation. This shaving cream absolutely got the job done!

Also in this YouTube video, I talk about a movie I've seen called Lamb from 2021. The dialog in this movie for all involved would take approximately 10 pages so we hardly hear anyone speak. This movie is about many things for different people such as:

A metaphor for Parenthood: The movie can be seen as a metaphor for the challenges and complexities of parenthood. MarĂ­a and Ingvar's decision to care for the hybrid creature reflects the unconditional love and sacrifices that parents make for their children, regardless of how different or unusual they may be.

Isolation and Alienation: The remote Icelandic setting and the couple's detachment from the outside world symbolize isolation and alienation. This can be seen as a commentary on how individuals can become cut off from society and traditional norms when they form intense and unconventional bonds.

Blurring Boundaries: The film blurs the boundaries between the natural and the supernatural. The creature's existence challenges the distinction between human and animal, raising questions about what it means to be human and how our perceptions of reality can be influenced.

Fear of the Unknown: "Lamb" taps into the fear of the unknown and the uncanny. The mysterious creature generates a sense of unease as it challenges our understanding of the natural order and confronts characters with the inexplicable.

Cultural and Folklore Influences: Icelandic folklore and cultural influences might also play a role in the movie's symbolism and themes. Iceland has a rich history of folklore involving mythical creatures, which could add layers of meaning to the story.

Ultimately, "Lamb" appears to be a film open to interpretation, inviting audiences to engage with its themes and draw their own conclusions about the deeper meanings it presents.

Do I recommend this movie? Yes. Do I think everyone will enjoy this movie? No, I don't. If you do wind up taking the plunge please let me know what you think about it and what was your interpretation of the movie.

Well that is all I have this week
As always be kind to one another
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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