Saturday, September 9, 2023

Shaving, Talking & 3D Printers

Today I'm turning to Dirty Girl Jane for my shave, great scent, and performance. What I also have on my mind is the never-ending saga of 3D printing. Back in 2016 or so I started with my first one. Seven years later things have drastically changed. We now have consumer printers that create objects in a liquid plastic bath called a resin printer. Recently Bambu Labs introduced a new printer in its line called the P1S. Each one of these printers is pretty much the same but with options missing hence each one has a different price. The P1S is $700.00 currently it is in the middle of the three.I already have a 3D printer so how did I go from that to the P1S? The story continues.

Last month my trusty 3D printer the Artillery X1 failed. Just after running a print for 5 hr I went to start another and all hell broke loose. The X-Axis had just stopped working it did strange and weird things. So a quick look on the internet pointed me to try some things unfortunately the same issues persisted. I next started replacing the recommended parts regarding the X-axis Stepper Motor, Stepper Motor Driver, X-axis logic Board, and 30 Pin Ribbon Cable and nothing was working.

Over the past two years I heard a lot about this Kickstarter that surprisingly turned out to be an amazing company called Bambu Labs and this year they just released a new printer called the P1S. every printer they release works off the original top-of-line X-1 Carbon, and then we have the P1P a stripped-down version of the original making it a cost-effective alternative Lots of print farms use this one and it's a workhorse. So I wanted to know more about this P1S. I turned to YouTube and watched every video I could find on it and they all said the same thing. The P1S is the best printer you can buy today period. So I placed an order over $700.00 with tax and shipping and I waited.

During this time I would go back to the Artillery and just see if I could get this thing to work. After looking over everything a dozen times or more I noticed something had been redesigned. The X-axis logic board was different than the one I just replaced. The section where the ribbon cables plug into now has a clip you need to lift it up insert the ribbon and then lock it down I did not do that. Once I did and turned the switch on everything started to work as it normally did. Then I thought my god I just spent $700.00 for nothing. I wanted to cancel it but the unit was already on its way to me so I waited for it to arrive.

When it finally arrived at 3:15PM I knew just how to unbox it because I had seen so many videos on this it was like second nature. Once it was all unpacked I carefully saved all of the packing materials so I could easily send it back the way it came to me. I then placed it in my office and plugged it in. You need to perform the setup which you need to first download this app on your phone and then bind the hardware to your Wi-Fi and this was the killer for me.

 My WiFi was not showing up in the app after looking at the troubleshooting tips I had to go into my router and change my setting to legacy. It appears that the P1S can only see the legacy Wi-Fi band at 2.4 GHz.and I also had to change my security to WAP2 then I was able to connect. This was a crazy thing I had to do just to get the app to see my wifi. I however did change my wifi back from legacy after I had connected the Bambu to my Network and everything worked. 

Now that we are on the wifi we need to do a firmware upgrade which took about 10 minutes or so. next, we run self-tests and diagnostics. If you’ve never seen a Bambu printer do this test you are in for a treat The sounds that come out of this thing are alien in nature and at times you think this box is going to take off. This runs for a good 12min or so and then the printer is ready for use.

They recommend for your first print to use the benchy file that was included on the provided MicroSD card. Along with the benchy a slue of other files had been included as well. It took about 3min of prep before the P1S actually laid down the first layer. Oh man, I was shocked and giggling at how fast the P1S prints. About 17m for the Benchy and after that I printed the calibration cube both came out flawless I’ve personally never seen prints look as good on any other system. I then started to send my production items to the P1S. The first one was the soap holder, which usually takes around 11hr but with the P1S it only took 3hr and it came out perfectly.

So I decided to keep the printer The only drawback is the build size of 256x256x256 I know they are going to come out with a bigger printer they would be crazy not to. So I still have an Artillery X1 to do anything that needs the extra room so I’m covered.

If you are new to 3D printing this is the one for you. If you are an old hand who has built printers and modded them you may want to look at this and judge for yourself. I think gone are the days of buying a Creality Ender 3 and having to do 26 modifications just to make the thing work as it should have out of the box. The 3D printing space just had a paradigm shift with the introduction of the Bambu Labs X1 Carbon, P1S, and P1P 3D printers. If you haven’t seen them yet please do so because all 3D printer companies are going to want to make 3D printers like Bambu Labs.

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