Thursday, March 26, 2015

Review: J L Davis Soap Co.

Company: J L Davis Soap Co.
Product: Bee Dreamy Shave Soap

J L Davis Soap Co. is located on the Etsy marketplace. The owner Jamie works out of Paragould, Arkansas. The Shop opened in January 17, 2015. His product line is shaving soaps which he currently has six offerings. The website explains that soap making is one of Jamie’s hobbies. I have to say he's pretty darn good at it.

I ordered the Bee Dreamy, it comes in a tin with a screw on top. I really like this kind of  tin. For $10.95 you get an over poured 4 ounces, which comes to about 4.25-4.6 ounces. The notes on this scent  I would have to say are coconut for the top and the bottom notes would be honey. This is a sweet smelling soap that’s not over powering. In fact the fragrance strength from 1-10 10 being the most powerful I would put it at a 5.

This is a soft soap and the way I test for that is I press my finger right in the middle of  the soap and if it goes in with ease then I consider it a soft soap. For this review I used my commodore X2 Simpson badger brush and as soon as it hit the soap it was almost instantly producing a rich lather and something else started to happen, the scent was increasing a little too. Slickness was also present I had no issues using my Muhle R89 Grand DE safety razor. All in all the soap performed very well and had no issues with it. The only thing I have would have liked is the scent to have lasted longer after my shave. I would recommend this soap as a wonderful addition to anyone shaving den. 

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