Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review Proraso Red Shaving Soap

Company: Proraso 
Product: Red Shaving Soap
Location: Italy since 1948

On the website it reads, the year was 1948 when Piero Martelli, on the eve of an economic boom, invented the Proraso Pre Shave Cream. A product whose freshness embodied the spirit of a new found era in Italy.  There is definitely a buzz on the website and it’s full of style. Barbers from London, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Cape Town are promoted using the Proraso product. It does make you want to setup an appointment.   

All soaps come in Green, Red, White and Blue I purchased red, which is sandalwood. It comes in a plastic red tub with a snap on lid. The lid does stay on tight. Squeezing the top on opposite sides with your index and thumb will release it. The soap is dense but soft.  The opening of the tub is small but I was still able to use my brush to load from it.

The sandalwood sent is nice not the best for me but nice. The Red has all natural ingredients including Sandal oil and Karite Butter.

I loaded my brush then started to produce lather and once I started it didn’t stop it made tons of it. I started to apply the lather on my face and I notice a nice clean feeling.  The soap was actually making my face feel alive like menthol does but I didn’t notice any in the product ingredients. As I was working it in I can tell it’s going to be one of my go to soaps the lather was very rich and creamy and had great slickness to it as I shaved. I didn’t use a straight with this shave instead I used my Mule R89 Grand my go to Safety Razor.

I have to say if you haven’t tried this please do. I had this in my den and for some reason I never gave it much attention. I’m really glad I picked this today, what a great shave and it was all due to Proraso RED. 

Price – $9.00 - $10.00

Take Me To Wet The Face

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