Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review - Every Knight Forge / Citrus Clove

Company: Every Knight Forge LLC.
Product: Citrus Shaving Soap/Beard Oil
Founder: Jason Mcfry
Location: Rome, GA

Last week I saw on Facebook a post of a shaving soap that looked so interesting called Every Knight Forge. The name invokes images of medieval times and it had a picture of a sword and shield on the label. I became intrigued and wanted to know more so I contacted Jason Mcfry the owner, after some texting back and forth he was kind enough to send me Citrus Clove Shaving Soap, Vintage Barber Beard Oil and Hinterland Styling Wax.

During our conversation I ask Jason how did he get into making shaving products. I’ve always had a creative spirit, and look for creative outlets.  My dad is an incredible knife maker, and he taught me the ropes of knife making and leatherworking a few years back.  I’ve been making custom knives and sheaths since 2009, and what began as a hobby has turned into a small business.  The transferrable skills of knife making lead to making razors, which lead to making shaving brushes, and eventually shaving soap.

Your company name conjures up so many images can you tell me what it means to you. Every Knight Forge is kind of a double entendre that was inspired by me working almost every “night” (and weekends) on making products that the “every man” (or “every knight”) could afford.  Knife making involves a forge.  A forge can represent a piece of blacksmith equipment or place (my shop), and also the act of making or shaping in general, which includes helping men “shape” their look.  I wanted a name and logo that was manly and strong, so that’s what we settled on.

The shaving soap comes in a 3.5oz tin with a push on lid. The tin only has one label on top which is water proof no other markings on the sides or bottom. Although the lid is not one that screws on it still held very tight during testing. The scent on this soap is called Citrus Clove. You get hints of tangerine and orange but I think the clove is a little over powering. For me, I would remove the clove and bring up the Citrus allowing that great scent to come out to it’s full potential. The soap was created to be lightly scented which was influenced by Jason’s wife having problems with strong scented soaps and aftershaves. Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Stearic Acid, Palm, Castor, Shea Butter. Bentonite Clay, Sodium Lactate, Sugar. Pure Essential Oil Blend for fragrance.
For this shave the tools I used included my Captains Choice bowl, Nathan Clark custom brush and a new Parker 65R which I saw Erica Salmons proudly show in a mail call a week or so ago she pointed out that Amazon was the place of purchase so I treated myself to one as well. I started off with the Vintage Barber beard oil using it as my pre shave oil. They do however offer this oil in the Citrus Clove scent. The scent on this was on the light side but didn’t effect the scent of the shaving soap. It did make for a better shave. The oil was a great accompaniment to the soap protecting my face and creating a great shave.  

I always try and use a shaving soap for about a week before starting any review. I do this just in case I have trouble and I did but corrected it by using a brush with more backbone and quickly produce some extremely impressive lather, my brush had more than enough for 2 more passes. A thick, rich, creamy yogurt like lather with plenty of slickness and glide that lasted the entire shave. The post shave feel was a great bonus as well.

I was very impressed with Jason’s products and had a great time using them this week. I asked did he have anything new on the horizon he wanted to talk about. I hope to develop an aftershave and beard wash in the near future, but our main goal for 2016 is to continue to grow our market with our existing line up of products (knives, razors, shaving brushes, shaving soaps, beard oil, and styling wax).  Eventually, we plan on developing a line of body care products, and I hope my wife and daughters can significantly contribute to that endeavor.

Company: Every Knight Forge LLC.

Citrus Shaving Soap 3.5 oz $14.99
Beard Oil 1floz $9.99
Styling Wax $9.99-$14.99

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