Saturday, October 22, 2016

Review - Soapy Bathman / Irish Waterfall

Company: Soapy BathMan
Product: Irish Waterfall
Founder: Chris
Location: Abbotsford, BC Canada.
Website - Soapy Bathman

If your into wet shaving, chances are you’ve come across someone’s SOTD using Soapy Bathman. I have three great scents from them Leather, Refreshing Mint and Irish Waterfall all fantastic scents and they seem to last forever. I’ve had mine for over two years now and still have plenty of soap left for many more shaves.

The tubs are dark amber with black screw on lids that are filled to 8.0oz. Also a nice wide opening for loading your brush. The top labels are water proof along with the side label which allows you to identify the soap it you are into stacking them.  You also have a bottom label with website and ingredients information.

The scent for this can be described as the popular Irish Spring that can be found in most food and drug stores. A clean fresh scent that wakes you up it’s perfect for your morning shave. I like the way if fills the den every time I use it.

Since this is a hard soap I tend to lean toward blooming. Of course this is an option but in my case it’s necessary since I always bowl lather and makes it easy to place a small amount in the lathering bowl. The tools for this shave are my Maison Lambert brush along with the Razorock 37 slant. Just a brush full of water emptied into the bowl is all I needed to start this lather and at the end of a few min I had a thick, rich, creamy lather. This lather was so thick it made my 5-day old beard disappear and the coverage was fantastic. The slickness and glide had to be one for the books and the post shave feel just wonderful.
If you’d never tried Soapy Bathman do yourself a favor and order some now you wont be disappointed. This is one that every wet shaver should have in the den.

Also take your time with your hobby try new things like blooming the soap and see if it makes a difference for your shave. Use the bloom water to lubricate your beard before you applying the lather.  You just might find this enjoyable and add it to your shaving ritual. This soap is perfect for doing just that.

For Your Information:
Company: Soapy BathMan
Product: Irish Waterfall $15.23 8.0oz
Website - Soapy Bathman

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