Saturday, March 11, 2017

Review - Bull Dog Shave Cream

Company: Bull Dog
Product: Original Shave Cream
Location: United Kingdom

When I was roaming the aisle of Target last week I came across a new shaving cream called Bull Dog. A product of the UK this “Original Shave Cream” comes in packaging reminiscent of days gone by it’s in a squeezable metal tube. This tube retains the shape of where you pressed. I’m not a fan of this kind of packaging the product looks terrible on the counter after a few uses. I found out from the company’s website that they do sell it in the plastic tube but I couldn’t find it here in N.Y. but I was able to locate it online.

The cream includes Aloe, Camelina and Green Tea on the package I’m not sure what they bring to the product but my assessment is not much.    

The performance of this product is where I started having issues.  It’s not a brush type of cream so don’t waste your time trying. The directions do suggest to massage into stubble which I did several times thinking it would produce a better lather but what I got was a slick greasy mess on the surface of my face, not what I was expecting but I reluctantly went ahead with the shave anyway.

The slickness and glide was the worst I’ve ever experience in any product thus far in fact I cut myself several times during the shave. I had to bring out the styptic pencil on camera just to keep everything under control and that would be another first for me as well.  

So, I didn’t have a great shave with Bull dog in fact it was the worst I’ve ever had in my years of wet shaving and therefore could not recommend this product to anyone.

Company: Bull Dog
Product: Original Shave Cream

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