Saturday, March 18, 2017

Review - Olivina Shaving Cream

Company: Olivina
Product: Olivina Flash Foam Shaving Cream
New Company 2016-2017

Last week I thought I found what had to be the worst product ever for shaving but my last shave with Olivina Flash Foam Shaving Cream has made me crown a new King. All Hail The New King!

The first thing that caught my eye was the packaging. This bronze and white tube popped right out at me from the shelves at Target. I picked one up and did the next thing any respectable wet shaver would do I tested the scent and what a scent it is the bourbon and cedar was so intoxicating I knew this was going to be a great shaving cream. To be honest I made the mistake of judging something purely on scent alone and should have known better.

I started by reading the tube instructions which clearly states that you can use a brush. So, I wanted to try a bowl lather and proceeded to squeeze a little out into my captain’s choice bowl. All of a sudden I noticed the gobs of shaving cream dripping from the back of the tube all over the den floor. It appears the seam at the bottom of the tube burst as I was squeezing and released most of the shaving cream. Needless to say, it was a total mess. I wanted to continue so after cleaning up I turn the camera back on and began to lather.

When you’ve done as many bowl lathers as I have you can get a good sense of how things are going and I knew something was off with this lather. The bubbles didn’t look right and when I brought the lather to my face it confirmed what I suspected it slowly started to disappear.
That’s when I tuned to massaging it in with my fingers and at that moment my face was having a very bad reaction it started burning it got so bad that I had to rush to wash it.

This is when I gave up on the product. I had to wait a few hours before my face felt normal again. So, I had to give this an epic fail on all fronts packaging & performance. People who have sensitive skin should ask for a sample from the company.   I have no sensitivity to anything and this was a surprise to me. My warning to wet shavers …… try at your own risk

Company: Olivina
Product: Olivina Flash Foam Shaving Cream $8.99 6.5 fl. oz.
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