Saturday, December 30, 2017

Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Company: Duke Cannon Supply Co.
Product: Big Ass Bar of Soap
Location: Chicago

In the midst of the holiday rush, I found myself in a bed & bath. I had already selected my purchases and was waiting on line. As you know the lines can get pretty long during the holidays and this day was no exception. Luckily, I was near an entertaining section for me the men’s care products and my eye caught this product line from Duke Cannon. I asked the person in front of me to hold my place for just a sec and after her eyes rolled up into her head I stepped out of the line. I gazed down at the BIG ASS BRICK OF SOAP I picked the one that read “Smells Like Productivity” and could not believe this was a 10oz bar of soap it was massive. I ran back in line and was able to take that with me to the counter.

Once I got this home I had this idea of seeing how long a $9.00 - $8.00 bar would last the average guy. So, I took out the video cam and did the first-day video. During the course of the entire project, my intention was to show each week of the bar and the progression of its disappearance but that got to be too difficult so I opted for the first and last day of the event to record.

Duke Cannon is a fictional character who seems to have a military background. He gets up early leads a life of productivity. No Skinny jeans or Coldplay for this man. He could change a tire by the age of 3 and was cleaning his shotgun by the age of seven. He does more by 8 AM than most men accomplish all day.  So, you get the image here of a man’s man.

The soap, on the other hand, is fantastic when I was reading about the product I was surprised that this is a tallow based soap that it was based on the military brick soap drop to the GI’s in the Korean war it also has steel cut oats to give you the better grip on the bar. The added menthol and a sent which I would say is clean and fresh just wakes you up in the morning a perfect soap if I can say that. Washing my hair was also no problem for this bar soap if really is a one-stop shop for clean.

Getting back to the video I encourage you to take a look I get to the point right away and show how the bar changed within the one month it took to deplete. I suggest if you’re interested to go to the website you’ll find 11 bars to choose from and if you have a bed and bath near you just take a run over you might purchase one or two bars for yourself but I warn you once you do you're going to be hooked.

Company: Duke Cannon Supply Co.
Product: Big Ass Brick of Soap 10oz bar $9-$8.00

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