Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ultra Slick Shave Stick

Company: Pacific Shaving Company
Product: Ultra-Slick Shave Stick
Founder: Stan Ades
Location: San Francisco

I’ve never been interested in shaving sticks before in fact, I have an Arko shaving stick that I’ve never opened since 2015. Last month I was contacted by Stan Ades the founder of Pacific Shaving Co. He’s seen some of my videos particularly the one I did on the newly designed Pacific shaving cream and aftershave with caffeine. He sent me the Ultra Slick Shave Stick and told me to just review it and whatever I find please report back because they will use the information to make changes to the product. The following are my results.

The packaging is like a deodorant stick and I see no other modern way to deliver this product to the end user.

The scent is a very clean spearmint scent that’s very refreshing and the best thing is this oil gives it a menthol kick very nice for a morning shave for any season. 

The product itself is just like a solid deodorant you apply it by rubbing it on your wet face. In an instant, you can see it starting to work foaming up as you glide it around.  You have full control as to where and how much to apply. Once this is done you need to work it in with your fingers. This is where the whole thing changes and you start activating the product. As soon as your fingers touch your face you’ll see lather and the more you work it in the more lather you’ll build but I shouldn’t have to work so hard at this. It did take me a long time to get it to where I thought it was equal to a shaving soap lather I’m used to using. On the other hand, this was not the case when I tried using a brush. My reaction at first was this was my the way t go. I was really building up a lather fast but after looking and the resulting lather I found it to be a little thin so I would recommend working it in with your fingers for the best results. To be honest the product does say ultra-slick, not ultra-lather so please be aware of this.

The slickness and glide are the stars of the show here. I have come across this with only a few other products and this one is in my top 5. My razor seemed to hardly touch my face as I went to trouble spots many times without irritation. I would even go as far as saying this would be good for straight razor users as well. The bonus feature of this product has to be the post shave feel. A very surprising fresh feeling which comes with a close shave and the spearmint oil plus the slickness helped in achieving this.

Company: Pacific Shaving Company
Product: Ultra-Slick Shave Stick 2.65oz $7.99

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