Saturday, March 3, 2018

RazoRock P.160

Company: RazoRock
Product: P. 160
Location: Italy

Years ago, when I was new to wet shaving I was buying up just about anything I could get my hands on. I saw so much stuff and wanted to be part of that crowd. Some products I was disappointed with even though the reviewer had raved about it. Others were so expensive that I couldn't justify the purchase. Then everything changed when I was introduced to Razorock and the Italian Barber website. In my experience, if your new to wet shaving this is an excellent place to start.  Here you'll find all sorts of items under one roof from shaving soaps to razors and the best part it won't break the bank. Here is where I came across P.160 a strange name for a shaving soap but it was getting rave reviews so I purchased it. 

The original packaging was in a white tub and I stress this because this product has gone through a big change. It was reported that the original was irritating to sensitive skin. I've seen some old reviews and it wasn't just sensitive skin it was more than half the users so Razorock had to take it off the shelves and go back to reformulate. During that time, they also received many emails asking them to bring it back and when they did it went from vegan to tallow based. They sourced the best grade of tallow they could find, eliminated the Potassium Carbonate (making the soap a lot more time consuming to make) and used an allergen and benzaldehyde free bitter almond scent. They believe it's better than ever! The product also includes Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Aloe Vera, and Lanolin.

The scent of P.160 is a heavenly Bitter Almond Marzipan that you'll notice as soon as you open the screw on lid. It's almost an amaretto which is just fine for me. Since I purchased mine years ago it's the old formula and I've used this many time before and never had irritation of any kind. While I was making the video, I noticed that the soap had moved from being soft to a dryer more harder soap because soap will tend to lose moister over time this is perfectly normal and can be corrected once the soap hits the water.

The performance was like the day I purchased it the lather was just amazing. So much the brush almost disappeared. The scent was increasing during the bowl lather which I didn't think would happen it was a nice surprise. As for the shave itself, the slickness and glide allowed me to go over trouble spots without the irritation of any kind and the post shave feel was fantastic. To top it all off this soap is only $5.99!!

So, whether you're new to wet shaving or have been doing this for years you owe it to yourself to head over to Italian Barber and start picking out your next $5.99 shaving soap. You can thank me later.

Company: RazoRock
Product: P. 160 4.2oz  $5.99

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