Saturday, April 28, 2018

Jeeves of Hudson St. - Fougere

Company: Jeeves of Hudson
Product: Fougere
Founder: Bryon Postlethwait
Location: Buckner, Missouri

A few years ago I remembered a package sent to me from Jeeves of Hudson St asking to check out this new scented shaving soap he was working on. I remember talking to him about the soap and thanking him for sending it to me but nothing ever became of it. I came across that very package and nested inside was the fougere shaving soap for testing.  I rushed to see if this was on the website but I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I contacted Bryon and explained that I had revisited this product and if he had any problems or concerns with me doing a review. I just wanted to make sure with him first and of course, it was perfectly fine with him so here’s that long overdue review. 

The packaging has been the same for awhile and I find no problems with it a simple label describing the scent and the brand with the formal white bowtie and script letting on the company name. Plenty of room to load your brush from and a nice screw on lid nothing wrong here.

At the time Bryon sent this to me I got the impression that he just placed it into his inventory and he wanted to see what I thought. We have all come across a fougere that we love but when I opened this one it really made me take notice. Sadly, I tried to get the notes for this on the website but as I stated before I couldn't find it anywhere but let me tell you its a very impressive scent with a sweet powdery endnote that I enjoy.

The lather is amazing and with Jeeves a tallow based formula it has just about everything going for it. I bowl lather creating an amazing amount that was rich and creamy. Applying this thick lather got right into my bread and provided wonderful coverage. Slickness and glide are tops with this soap that allowed me to go over troubled spot was out any irritation. My post shave feel was just great and since I had no aftershave from Jeeves on hand I used one of my own, Barber Shop V2.0 

So, I had a great time with this soap and I hope Bryon can see fit to return it to the website and if he does get yourself one you be glad you did.

Company: Jeeves of Hudson St.
Product: Fougere  7oz  Not listed on website $19.99

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