Saturday, May 12, 2018

Light Foot’s Shaving Cream Soap

Product: LightFoot’s Shaving Cream Soap
Location: Chester, England
Website: Do a Google Search

Well. I knew it would happen again at some point and it did this week with LightFoot’s Shaving Cream Soap. One of the worst shaving experiences I’ve encountered in a long time. This soap came in a subscription box a few years ago and I avoided using this until it was one of the last things left I didn’t try. I wish I would have just thrown it out. 

First off why are they calling it a shaving cream soap it’s almost like they wanted to cover all avenues of shaving? I would have called it Shaving Puck because that’s exactly what it is. The packaging is somewhat dated a drab and the cardboard package allows for no protection of the product before or after use. Mine was damaged just by sitting around.

The scent of this soap is pine but not my favorite. It has a pine scent but different not as natural and say walking in the pine barrens of Long Island but a pine none the less.

I mug lathered with this puck and found I could only create very little of it. The suds never really got together to form anything with substance. I had to work extremely hard using my brush to generate an expectable amount in order to shave with. Even then I could see it disappearing and I would go over my face with the brush countless times trying to make a stable lather and I was finally able to accomplish that task but no one should have to work this hard to shave.

At this point, I picked up my razor and started to shave. I quickly learned that I was shaving with zero protection, zero slickness, and glide. I was pretty nervous at this point and shocked at how much this product lacked in protecting your skin but I managed to complete the shave in disappointment.

I was so glad when it was over it truly was a horror show and I’m glad I don’t have to ever use this product again. I would advise proceeding with caution if you decide to give this one a try.
Remember I warned you!

Product: LightFoot’s Shaving Cream Soap 2.8oz (It’s a Puck!)  $8.00
Website: Do a Google search for the lowliest price.

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