Saturday, May 19, 2018

Georgetown Pottery - G20 Scuttle

Product: Shaving Scuttle
Inventor: Dr. Chris Moss
First Ever: Sara Bonnyman Pottery

When I first saw one it was a “Shave of the Day” (SOTD) picture. I was really trying to figure out what it was. The guy was so excited; it had arrived in the mail that day. After a few minutes, I said to myself what’s the big deal. Well as it turns out it’s a very big deal. This amazing piece of pottery can change the way you wet shave. It’s a clever design, which allows you to heat your shaving soap or cream as you lather. If you’ve ever sat down for a hot shave from your local barber then you know how great this feels.
The way it works is by transferring the heat from water added to the inside of the scuttles reservoir to the outermost layers causing what’s ever inside it’s cup to be heated. You place your soap or cream inside the cup and start slowly adding water to building up to an amazing hot rich lather.

I have a G20 (pictured) The G is short for George Town the 20 is 20oz water capacity. It comes with a stopper so water is held tightly inside to help reduce spillage. Some scuttle designers will offer different patterns on the inside cup to help promote lather and for holding the soap in place. I don’t find myself using it all the time but when I do it’s helped in giving me great shaves.

We all should thank Dr. Chris Moss who came up with the idea and had Sara Bonnyman make the very first one in her studio.

Take Me To Wet The Face

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