Saturday, August 25, 2018

Clubman Pinaud Classic Barber Shave Cream

Company: Clubman Pinaud
Product: Classic Barber Shave Cream

Back in 2016 around the Christmas holidays, Clubman announced a sale which I couldn’t resist. I went to town ordering things that I wanted to try and one of them was Clubman Pinaud Classic Barber Shave Cream. Once I got the delivered I concentrated on pomade products I had my eye on and really forgot about the shaving cream. As it sat on the shelf of my den the label started getting affected by the constant change in humidity.  When I went back to the product it was looking pretty bad and it was upsetting to me that Clubman never addresses this issue before the product hit the market so I pushed it away again. Last week like most wet shavers I was going through the process of thinning out the den when I came across it one more time. I really needed to give this a try before I placed it in my online Flea Market but now after trying it I could never part with it. In fact, this is something I would recommend everyone try!

The shaving cream comes in a generous white plastic tub with a screw on lid which has an ample opening and like a said before having a label effected by humidity should not happen and needs to be corrected by the company.

The scent of this product is fantastic it has that old-time barbershop scent which reminds me of my own product called Vintage Barbershop. This goes on strong and fades to a light scent after your shave. No aftershave was available that I could see to continue with and that’s a shame.

So, now we get to the performance and this is where the product shines. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when it came to lather and needless to say it was not a lather monster. They recommended massaging the cream into your wet face with the tips of your finger working it into the beard. Once you start you immediately know this is no ordinary shaving cream. My god, the slickness, and glide of this product has to be the best I’ve come across in a very long time just outstanding performance in this area. My Rockwell Model T Razor felt like it wasn’t even touching my face an amazing experience. I was truly shocked at this level of performance from a shaving cream that costs $5.00 it allowed me to go over spots without care of irritation. It cut through my 5-day old beard like I didn’t have one and my post shave feel was one of the best I’ve ever had.

So, I really enjoyed the Classic Shave Cream from Clubman. If you’ve never tried it before taking the time to invest in the $5.00 to buy a tub for yourself and let me know what you think.

Company: Clubman Pinaud
Product: Classic Barber Shave Cream 16oz $5.00

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