Saturday, September 1, 2018

Wars Classic Shaving Cream

Company: Wars (Pronounced Vars)
Product Wars Classic Shaving Cream
Location: Poland
Website: Google Search

Subscribers often give me great feedback when I’ve released a new article or YouTube video and lately I’ve done a fair amount of shaving cream reviews. One viewer pointed out a shaving cream he wanted me to try called Wars. Now understand I couldn’t hear the correct pronunciation to be Vars so let me apologize in advance for that. Wars Classic shaving cream is a product from Poland which is kind of a staple I was told. So let’s jump into the review and find out what makes this polish shaving cream stand out from the others.

The packaging is a great color combinations set as a diagonal cut of the top half black and the bottom orange. WARS or Vars as it’s pronounced appears right at the top. This cream has a screw on top but I prefer the flip top which would make this easier to use I think.

The scent is reminiscent of the Arko Stick in the red foil, in fact, I didn’t even hesitate to call it out its spot on and that's ok but if I were to purchase this cream again I would look to see if it came in any other scents because I’m not really a fan of this one.

Now, most of you know I bowl lather and in doing so I created a good amount but my new Frank Shaving brush seemed to just soak it up so most of it was all in the brush. I’m sure I could have just used my fingertips to massage it into my beard but I always try to do a bowl lather first and I’m glad because it worked out since I was testing the new brush as well.

Both the brush and the shaving cream performed as expected. The cream got right into my beard allowing for great coverage. A thick rich creamy lather provided a good slickness and glide allowing me to go cover trouble spots without the need for a second pass and irritation.
My post shave feel was a good one as well a clean shave was achieved.

So, I had a good shave with Wars and if you like the scent of Arko shaving Sick (Red Foil) then this would be a perfect addition to your den. As for me, this is going into my flea market, not because of its performance it had all the right stuff except for the scent I just can’t get around it and that’s just my preference.

Company: Wars
Product Wars Classic Shaving Cream $9:00
Google Search for the best price


  1. The company that produces this cream is called Miraculum. They also make another cream, Lider, which is basically the same but with different, though also citrusy scent.

    1. Thanks for the information I'll have to give that one a try