Saturday, October 6, 2018

The Stuff Shaving Set

Company: The Stuff
Product: The Stuff

When someone sends me something to review I take it very seriously. This means that I didn’t pay for the items so it could be construed as a bribe for a good review. To get around this kind of thing some reviewers will only write about items that they purchased but let’s be real here for a moment. That's just a way to make them feel better about giving a biased review and have the article seem more legit. It's funny when you think about people who write about high priced cars do you think they pay for them beforehand? Even restaurant reviewers don’t pay for expensive meals. No, reviews can be altered it makes no difference if you pay for the items or not. So, you have to trust the writer and I think so far I have a pretty good track record for being honest.

I always make sure to tell them if they send me something I will be truthful. I make it perfectly clear that they could receive a negative review. Some wind up never sending me the products because they have seen some of my negative reviews before others take the risk.

This brings me to The Stuff which is the focus of this article. Some time ago I received an email telling me they wanted to send me a product for review I told them what I was all about and then gave my address. During the time I was waiting for the parcel to arrive new hardware products had been released which I tested and reviewed and now that the smoke has cleared on those I can get back to reviewing software again.

Once the package arrives the first thing I do is look in inside for any notes or letters explaining the product. I find this very helpful since I get so many its hard to remember conversations. Since I found no letter the second thing I do is look at the company's website and what I found was very disappointing. I wanted to know more about the company but I couldn’t find one thing not even under the about section of the site. Unfortunately, it looked like a novice created the website. It was void of substance and meaningful content of any kind with absolutely no enthusiasm at all about the products or about them. So I did a search on google and still found no other references from others who may have used the products.  

This was starting to look more like a private label thing going on and if you don’t know what that is let me explain. Private-label products or services, also known as "phantom brands", are typically those manufactured or provided by one company for offer under another company's brand it’s a very common practice done all the time. It appears to me they just wanted to get in on something they thought would make them some money so they create a brand and hoped for the best with no understanding of the products they're selling. 

Let’s take a look at the shaving gel for instance. I've found nothing special. Looking at the ingredients nothing stands out to me as something I couldn’t get off the shelf at my local CVS or Target store plus its performance was mediocre at best. It gave almost zero protection with very little slickness or glide. The same with the Beard / Shave oil nothing new here. The only thing from this set worth using is the Bay Rum aftershave it has a great scent and I like that fact that it has a spray pump. I would reach for again. 

So, unfortunately, I didn’t have a great time with this shaving set. The performance of the gel was forgettable and it brought nothing new to the table. I really do hate the product name but that’s just me. It seems the owners didn’t really know what to call it so The Stuff was what they came up with or maybe it was just a marketing genius who wanted to show how he could get into the minds of millennials.

My advice is to just stay away

Company: The Stuff
Product: The Stuff

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