Saturday, September 29, 2018

Rockwell Razors - Model T Adjustable (Updated)

Company: Rockwell Razors
Product: Model T Adjustable (Updated)

What a surprise it was for me this week. I had no idea this was going to happen but I was holding a parcel that came to me from Rockwell Razors. I had no clue what it could be and when I opened it I was shocked to find another Model T Razor. Why did they send me another one? and then I saw an email they sent out and it became clear.

Dear Backers,
We’re happy to share with you our latest news, and the shipping timeline we mentioned earlier this month! We’ve continued shipping the Model T razors with the One-Piece T-Bar and other engineering improvements detailed in our recent updates. Nearly 1000 White Chrome Model T razors have gone out to backers including many shipments to backers outside North America. The feedback from this initial production with the engineering changes has made few things become increasingly clear. Firstly, the One-Piece T-Bar has been the final integral piece to
getting to a razor that would meet our high-quality standards.

Secondly, we’ve been able to reach new unexpected efficiencies in assembly with the new One-Piece T-Bar, but we’ll have more on that later in the update! Finally, we now have a razor that delivers our backers the phenomenal shaves you expect from a Rockwell Razor. We’re feeling very confident in the response we’ve been getting since our last engineering changes, and can’t wait to hear the positive
reviews about perfect shaves from each and every one of you!

Onto the timeline that many of you have been waiting for! We’ve been working diligently with our manufacturing partners, engineering, assembly, and QC teams to gain clarity on the shipping timelines we can confidently share with all of you. Now that we have vetted the engineering changes we’re happy to announce that all of the necessary production is now moving full steam ahead - that means continuing production of the full quantity of One-Piece T-Bar required and assembly with our improved production and QC process. This production is starting immediately. We expect to ship all remaining Kickstarter pledge rewards by mid-to-late December, and many of you will be receiving your pledge reward before the Christmas / Holiday season! You see that White Chrome razors will
continue to ship through the earlier part of the fall with Gunmetal and Brushed Chrome razors shipping closer to the end of the year. We appreciate all of your support and patience while we have worked to get the Model T right, and we (and many of your fellow backers) are quite certain you will find it more than worth the wait!

Our goal has been to have the Model T reach a price point that’s more accessible to the vast majority of customers looking to eliminate razor burn, ingrown hairs, and cartridge-cuts, all while getting the most affordable shave of their lives. We knew that the $195 retail price point for the Model T would limit accessibility, but before the successful implementation of the One-Piece T-Bar, there was no way to hit our lower price-point targets. We’re happy to announce that with the One-Piece T-Bar, we’ll
be able to adjust the final retail price of the Model T to $119 USD - this means that our backers have still received up to a 34% discount off the retail price of the razor alone, plus the additional bonuses shipping with each razor (who’s excited to not have to buy razors blades for several years?!).

We’ll also be introducing a special lifetime discount “MVP Program” on all Rockwell products for all Model T backers to thank you for your patience - more details on that to come. In addition to the lifetime discounts, in the future, we’ll be offering complimentary product samples in every MVP shipment, first-dibs on beta-testing new products and fragrances as we release them over 2019 (and
beyond), and some more perks that we can’t wait to announce to you in a few months!

To any pre-order customers reading this update that did pre-order at the $195 price point through our website over the last few months, we’ll be sending you a $76 reimbursement over the course of this upcoming week. As always, we can’t wait to hear from all of you and look forward to supporting you in any way we can. Now we have to get back to work on getting your Model T razors shipped out as soon as possible!
The Rockwell Razors Team

Well, after shaving with this new one I really couldn’t find any difference between them. Both gave me excellent shaves I even made a video on the first one saying so and now with this new razor I have made two. I’m sure that the improvements needed to be done especially the T Bar issues which just about everyone pointed out to me. Maybe I was just lucky getting a really great razor the first time around and now I have a second one with all the improvements that’s even better. I guess it really paid off waiting those two years for it to arrive.

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