Saturday, November 3, 2018

Mr. Warlock - Wet The Face

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Mr. Warlock
Founder: Donald Youngner
Location: Huntington

This seasons I’m trying something a little different. I started thinking about my holiday offering for Wet the Face in August and had three great product concepts. I knew I couldn’t wait any longer on this since I’m a one-man band. I have to design the labels for Shaving Soap, After Shave, Bar soap and now After Shave Balms. Then send them off to the printers and hope they arrive on time. In the meantime, create the products and then package them. The task can be daunting at times and I was really struggling over what to choose then I decided why not just do them all and so I did.

Two of them will be holiday releases while the third one will stick around all year.
The one that I will talk about today is Mr. Warlock. This seasonal release was inspired by the cartoon Santa Clause is coming to town. Mr. Warlock starts off mean but after Chris gives him a choo-choo train he’s always wanted and as a boy, his cold icy heart melts and his true self-emerges. My other inspirations were Phoenix & Beau’s Denali and Catie’s Bubbles Mile High Menthol.

I also experimented with color this season so I opted for clear tubs this holiday season. Icy cold blue is for Mr. Warlock, Rose color for Zuzu Petals and white for It’s a wonderful Shave!

For Mr. Warlock, I wanted it to be a powerful shaving soap but didn’t want to make clones of something that the wet shaving community knew already. Getting everything just right took a good amount of time and experimentation and the final notes include Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Camphor, Natural Menthol. When you open other powerful shaving soaps you can tell right away what you're in for but with mine, it’s different you can’t tell how powerful it is just by sampling the scent. You get this pleasant eucalyptus up front along with a swirling peppermint but the warlock is waiting until you use it to make his appearance and when he does you better be ready.

The aftershave is different I couldn’t mask the power of it so it's going to react instantly once it touches your skin. If you take a look near the end of the video review, you can see me squinting right after I applied it that’s how powerful this is. So along with the soap and aftershave, I include a warning to be careful especially with the aftershave just use a little at a time.

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Mr. Warlock Shaving Soap 4oz $12.95 / Aftershave $15.00

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