Saturday, April 20, 2019

First Line Shave - First Responder Owned and Operated

Company: First Line Shave
Product: First Line Shave
Founder: Michael Riley

Today we have a new player in the field of shaving apparel. Michael Riley reached out a few weeks ago wanting me to test one of his creations which when it arrived seemed pretty polished even tho it was on its 7th revision when I received mine and has been revised even further. Its final release will be this May 19th, 2019 I’m talking about First Line Shave a first responder owned and operated business.

The package came in a plain white envelope and the only thing in it was a black sealed foil pouch with the company logo and a tare to open top.  I thought this was an amazing way of getting your samples out and found it a great way to have your product ready for use with the traveling crowd for the summer I hope he keeps them as an option.

The first thing you notice is the scent and let me tell you it’s a great one. The scent notes of soap are as follows Top - Brisk blend of mandarin, lavender, green botanics. Mid - Basil, geranium, sage and the Base - Woody combination of sandalwood, rosewood, amber.

I bowl lathered with this and the texture of the soap was right between the soft and hard it made it very easy to place inside the bowl. I used a Frank Shave brush that happened to be synthetic and let me tell you how much lather I created I encourage you to take a look at the video you will be amazed.

Applying the lather was easy to do and produced great coverage it went on creamy and thick and got right into the beard a nice bonus was the scent never left it was present during the entire shave.  The slickness and glide allowed my razor to go over trouble spots without the fear of irritations of any kind. The post shave feel was one for the books and a wonderful shave was had.  I was told you can expect an aftershave with the same scent due on its release so you can continue to enjoy that great fragrance for more hours after your done with your shave.

So, I really enjoyed First Line Shave and you can tell how Mr. Riley put the time an effort into finding what the wet shaver wants. I think it's safe to say this revision could have reach 10 or so and I was told two new ingredients have been added to the formula and they are Kanolin Clay and Silk although I don’t really think they are needed.  This is one I highly recommend.

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