Saturday, April 13, 2019

Ming Shi - 3000S Adjustable

Company: Ming Shi
Product: 3000S Adjustable  (Clone)
Location: China
Website: Google Search for the cheapest price

When it comes to knock offs Ming Shi seems to be the winner. They have done amazing things with bringing classic and sometimes out of reach DE razors to the masses but are they any good and are they safe. Let’s take a look at some razor manufacturers like Merkur, Edwin Jagger and Parker they put more R&D into there products than any clone maker will ever do and the result is a precision quality tool. The clone maker is not that caring they just copy a design and may not understand the reasons behind certain aspects of that design and therefore might omit a key element or feature for cutting costs due to the lack of understanding why it's there in the first place.

The clones I have reviewed in the past range in the order of 5 to 7 dollars not including shipping. Pretty darn cheap and almost irresistible not to purchase. Most of these knock offs are from razors that cost hundreds of times over this price.

Today I’m going to review one more clone from Ming Shi it’s the 3000S adjustable. Some say this clone was meant to mimic the Gillette Slim or Fatboy. These razors are in high demand for collectors an original 1960 Gillette FatBoy can fetch well over $200.00 in fair condition so Ming Shi knows the market well.

The package arrives in good contain considering it was two weeks of travel. Inside the box was a plastic case holding a pack of blades and the Ming Shi 3000S. My first impression was that it looks great but further, inspection revealed the quality of the product which was subpar at best.

Take for instance the open mechanism on the bottom of the razor very tinny feels very loose. When opening you could hear squeaks like the thing needed oil not something you would expect but it happened. The same goes for the dial for selecting closeness, this dial ranges from 1-9 and had the same feel nothing like the precision razor I’ve used if you want to feel precision try the Rockwell Model T and turn the dial on that and you’ll see and feel the difference immediately.

As for the shave I used setting 2-3 and I have to say I got a close shave and during use, it never clogged once. It was top heavy so the balance for me was off but all of that could be forgiven except the shave was too close for comfort very aggressive even on low numbers which means to me the dial setting has no barring on the closeness its all aggressive so can you really call this an adjustable razor I say no.

So, if you want to experiment then spending $7 is no big deal but you have been warned. Would I use this again no but I’m glad I had the opportunity to try it.

Company: Ming Shi
Product: 3000S Adjustable (Clone) $7.00 shipping $2.00


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  2. I want Ming Shi 3000S Adjustable safety razor Iam indian stying Hyderabad metro city

  3. I believe the Mingshi blades are rebranded Wilkinson Sword. Discovered by accident, as one of my Chinese blades had Mingshi printed on one side, & Wilkinson on the other.

  4. Esa maquinilla es una Pu .... Mier.......