Saturday, May 25, 2019

Campbell's Shaving Cream

Company: Campbell’s
Product: Shaving Cream 

Looking at the typical Barber's station you can get a sense of just how many things a barber must have at his or her fingertips to do the job correctly. Razors of all kinds, Sisters, combs mirrors, the list goes on and on but the one things people miss is that little machine that makes the lather. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen them use and I’ve been going to the barber for over 50 years. 

The one I’m talking about is simply called the lather machine but it uses a liquid shaving soap from the company called Campbell’s and no its, not the soup company. So how does one make a lather like the one that the machine produces at home? First, we have to order the liquid shaving cream and that can be done online using Amazon. For $9.00 you can get yourself an 8oz bottle. Then all you need to do is lather it up yourself using a shaving bowl or scuttle. 
I encourage you to my watch the video just to see how easy it is to produce a rich creamy lather just like the barber does. furthermore, you can give yourself a nice hot lather shave as well.

If you want the hot lather then one of two things are required. One would be a scuttle then just pour the hot water into its reservoir and let it stand for a few mins and add hot water to the cup along with some liquid shaving soap and start to lather. If you don't have a scuttle than a Ceramic, Stone, or Copper shaving bowl will do but not plastic it's not going to hold the heat well. If the manufacturer says you can microwave them then that’s fine but we are using the heat of the hot water and have it transfer to the bowl in order to create our hot shave. 

I’m lucky that our hot water can reach over 124 degrees. I fill the sink with hot water and submerge the ceramic bowl and let it just absorb the heat or if you can’t do that then pour into the bowl the hottest water you can make and let it sit for a few mins. Once its ready dump all of it until you have the amount you want to use with the liquid shaving cream and run your brush under hot water and start to lather. 

This worked extremely well for me and as you can see in my video the shave was fantastic.

If you want to try this lather before you buy the 8oz bottle the next time you go to the barber ask him for a little sample so you can feel the texture and smell the scent.

Company: Campbell’s
Product: Shaving Cream 8oz $9.00

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