Saturday, June 1, 2019

Barbus Classic Shaving Soap

Company: Barbus WareHouse
Product: Barbus Classic Shaving Soap

When you think of shaving soap does Slovakia come to mind? Well, it should after reading this article you’ll understand what I’m talking about. I was introduced to the amazing shaving soap by a friend Lubomir Grujoski who is part of my Facebook group Wet The Face. We had a very hard time communicating because this N.J. resident came from Slovakia and we had a language barrier that was hard to bridge. We would go back and forth trying to make sense out of what each other was trying to say until I found Google translator. This made our communications possible and since then we pretty much have meaningful conversations and can get our ideas across to one another but every now and then I still scratch my head. Now that I understand him and what his company is all about I then explained I give a review that is honest and sometimes not in favor of the product and if he understood this could happen but he was not worried he agreed and sent me products to review.

Like I said before Lubomir is now a resident of N.J. which is where his business is located. He sells Barbus products from Slovakia at this location. Never having used these products before I had no idea what to expect but when the package arrived and I had the chance to really go through them and I quickly realized that these products are fantastic!!

The box was so full of products I will only concentrate on the ones I used in the video which are Barbus Classic Shaving Soap and the Aftershave.

First, the packaging was kind of damaged and worn but remembering that this was sent to me for review I can understand they may not send the best but I have to report what I see so this is an issue. I’m hoping that newer looking packaging is sent out to customers.

Getting passed the box conditions we have a plastic cobalt blue tub with a screw on top sporting the logo and ingredients right in the middle. The label is in Slovak except for the words “Original Shaving Care since 1956” The tub is filled almost overflowing with soap it came out to about 6oz on my digital scale.

The scent of this soap reminds me of the Williams puck but others I’ve spoken to have said it more of a Proraso splash scent than anything else but I guess you'll have to let me know what you think.

I prefer bowl lathering and did just that with this soap. I thought this was a soft cream but was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t when I started to place it into the bowl. The lather it produced was amazing for the little time it took to whip it up. It was very thick and creamy it got right int the beard providing great coverage. The slickness and glide were surprisingly generous and allowing me to go over trouble spots without irritation of any kind. I then presented to use the supplied aftershave which put the cherry on top of this shave. My post shave feel was one for the books.

So if this seems interesting to you give Lubomir a call or email
Barbus Warehouse
(201) 985-5513

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