Saturday, June 29, 2019

Nancy Boy Shaving Cream / Sandalwood

Company: Nancy Boy
Product: Sandalwood Shaving Cream
Founders: Eric Roos
Location: San Francisco CA

Last week a surprise came in the mail a package containing the new release of Nancy Boy’s shaving cream Sandalwood. If you don’t know anything about Nancy boy I would advise you to put down what you are doing and focus on this amazing company which has produced (under the radar to me) one of the best shaving creams on the market today. If you haven’t used the Signature Shave Cream then you missing out on something truly amazing. Let see if the second times a charm with the sandalwood.

Their packaging hasn’t changed since the first signature release with simplicity being the theme here pure white tub 6oz screw on top simple label and that’s all. I do have a word of caution with sending any shaving soap or cream during the summer months. When I first opened the tub I was quick to notice just how the heat affected the cream to the point of a pourable liquid. I was lucky to have just caught it so it didn’t spill all over. This got me thinking about my own shaving soaps so I decided to send out a short note with every purchase of my own soap warning customers it might be a good idea to place the soap in the refrigerator for about 30 min or so before you open it due to the hot weather.

The last time I used this soap I dabbed the brush right into the cream but this time I wanted to see how it would bowl lather and I’m happy to say it didn’t disappoint. It performed amazingly producing a great amount of lather in a little over a min.

Let me say that the sandalwood scent is delightful but it was so light I hardly knew it was there at all until I started to apply it. During the shave it really didn’t pick up much at all, in fact, it stayed on the light side for the entire shave and at the end, it left me a little disappointed I didn’t have an aftershave to continue with the scent. Not everyone is looking for strong scented shaving cream or soap but I enjoyed it so much it left me wanting more.

So, do yourself a favor head to the website right now and order yourself any shaving cream they offer whichever you choose is going to be one of the best shaves you’ll ever have.

Company: Nancy Boy
Product: Sandalwood Shaving Cream 6oz $19.00
Link to Signature Shaving Cream Review on January 26, 2019 -

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