Saturday, July 20, 2019

Modern Barber Shop - Wet The Face

Company: Wet The Face
Product Modern Barber Shop

When I started making shaving soaps to sell I created 4 of them. Pipe Smoke, Cuban Tobacco, Vanilla Tobacco and what I called at the time Barber Shop. If you have followed my progression Barbershop has seen many changes over the years.

For starters a few years ago we had a major formula change and that took a very long time to get the product line turned over. alone with the new formula change I renamed Barber Shop to 2.0 and I thought I can’t just add 2.0 to all the labels so I wanted to give our products a new facelift and since then created new labels for everything When I got to BarberShop 2.0 I had already created vintage Barber Shop so I thought lets call this Modern Barber Shop it will let people know the different styles of scents right from the names.

Our scent is masculine with a clean, sharp finish. It's the perfect combination of barbershop aromas. This fragrance combines the scent of strong yet sweet aftershave along with hints of aromatic spices and orange zest. This has always been one of our best sellers since the name and formula change people understand it now. Even the bar soaps sell out more than any other in this scent.

So if you haven’t already give Modern Barber Shop a try the next time you order from Wet the Face.

Company: Wet The Face
Product Modern Barber Shop  4oz $12.95

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