Saturday, July 13, 2019

Parthenon Razor V2.0 - QShave

Company: Shave
Product: Parthenon Razor V2.0

Today we take another look at the Parthenon Razor. But you say, Don, didn’t you already do one review and a follow-up? Yes and if you can recall I had a conversation with the owner taking in my comments along with other You tubers and he assured me that they would go back to the drawing board and fix all the issues and send me a new one once it was done. I was waiting for the revised razor it took 4 months but it did finally arrive. Not knowing when this was going to happen I placed it on the back burner so now almost to the day of the last review, I will do the final one of the product.

The packaging seemed the same as the last one but I didn’t remember having the small brush included I most likely wrong about it but I thought I would mention it. It also included two booklets a product booklet and a simple manual explaining the operation of loading and setting the shave comfort levels.

The shape has not changed it's still an extremely attractive razor. The turn to open knob at the bottom had no resistance whatsoever and they still have the bottom of the razor act as a magnet.

So what has changed you ask? In a word performance. No more clogging that has disappeared. Also, the dial setting for closeness actual works although my 3 setting was still very close but not as close as the first time I nearly had a face peel that day.

So with all the fixes and adjustment and time spent with the redesign, retooling this must have been an expensive lesson for QShave. That said this is now what I would consider a very good razor for the money. So if you're still interested just make sure you're getting the updated version when you purchase.

Company: Shave
Product: Parthenon Razor V2.0    $40.00

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