Saturday, August 31, 2019

Charcoal Goods / Artisan DE Razors

Company: Charcoal Goods
Product: Artisan DE Razor
Founder: Brian Twilley

Something amazing happened last week. I received an email letting me know that if I wanted I would be able to review a new razor from a company called Charcoal Goods and the crazy thing is Benjamin who is one of our community members received this for himself and has never used it yet. I was excited to do the review and when the package arrived another surprise was inside. He not only included a fantastic shaving soap from through the fire but also in the box was a brand new badger brush from Wolf Whiskers. The note read please give this brush away to your Patreon members which Benjamin had become one a few days after the email. Let me say this brush is stunning and I’m sure on of our patreon members will be very happy.

The razor comes in this sturdy tin which protects in shipping and great for traveling. Each piece has its own custom cut out for the handle head and base. Each one of these pieces is hand made to order and are purchased separately to make one razor. There are so many combinations that doing it this way makes it easier to handle for the artisan with having over 500 combinations it would be impossible to stock every configuration.

During the testing, I made sure I was not influenced by any outside information avoiding any blog articles from the internet or video reviews. I wanted this to be a fresh look at this and so my first impressions are as follows. Let's start off with how heavy this razor is the handle alone makes up the bulk of the weight coming in around 2.8 oz total with everything together including a new Personna blue blade reached 4 oz that’s a heavy razor.

The balance seems perfect I have no issues with handling. Loading a blade was a little bit of a pain but you don’t do it that often so you mettle thought it and get it done. I loved the finish of the razor it really stands out and you can see this on every piece that was created.

The performance of this razor I would say for me is aggressive. For some, this would be a perfect fit but for me not so much. I really enjoyed the shave and it definitely got close but it was too close for comfort for me. In the video, I turn the razor to the camera to show the aggressive design it allowed for much more blade to be exposed them normal. During the shave, it washed out extremely well and was ready to go again in seconds. My post shave feel was a good one.

So I had fun testing out this razor and would absolutely recommend this product to anyone seeking a high precision artisan-made razor. The attention to detail and quality shows in every piece right down to the packaging it comes in. Made with solid bar stainless steel (grade 303/316), copper (grade 110/145), brass 360, or aluminum 6061. These are not cheap but well worth it.

Company: Charcoal Goods
Product: Custom Artisan DE Razor

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