Saturday, September 7, 2019

Moon Soaps - Union Xtra Slick Tallow

Company: Moon Soaps 
Product: Union Shaving Soap
Founders: Melody & Zachary Kent
Location: Aptos, CA

One of the best things about doing product reviews is when you get something that turns out to be above the rest, to have used something which checks all the boxes. Nowadays It’s getting harder and harder to find the wow factor since we have so many artisans in the field but the good ones always seem to rise to the top. I remember finding out about this new artisan back in 2017 and now you can see Moon Soaps being shown in many shaves of the day postings in all the forums. In the 3 years, they have been actively producing shaving soap we have seen only 3 releases which really is a testimony to getting things right and now we have a fourth.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Zachary and Melody to do a review on something new that has just been released which is called UNION. Knowing Zachary’s graphic background I was very eager to see the new labeling for this soap and he did not disappoint.

The same 6oz tub with a wide opening and screw-on lid is used which seems to be setting the standard in the line now. We have this amazing packaging inspired by vintage coffee cans, beer bottles, and oil cans from the 50s and 60s and when you first see it for the first time you immediately connect to that time period.

The scent of this soap is what they call barbershop but until this day I have yet experienced one like it. They describe it as a sharp, cooling, and pungent take on a classic American style barbershop fragrance. The Scent notes Fresh Lemon, Soft Sandalwood, Oak-moss, Amber Musk, Bay, and a subtle touch of Nutmeg. One can say it's a new take and I do like it but calling it barbershop might be a stretch.

To lather this soap only takes only a min and what you're going to receive is one that is rich and creamy. Now this formula is a bit different than the others I noted the extra slick on the labeling and quickly found the addition of Grape Seed Oil to the recipe. This was used for increased slickness and post-shave feel and they have achieved this altho I found nothing wrong with the old formula without grape seed oil. I was able to have great coverage and the lather got right into the beard. My razor was able to go over trouble spots without irritation. My post shave feel was great and the added menthol was a bonus.

The best part was using the Union mentholated aftershave balm and oh man that sealed the deal for me. Fantastic!

So, as you can tell I had a wonderful time with this shave and each release we seem to have an improvement in their formula which just shows the dedication to the craft and to the wet shaving community.

Company: Moon Soaps
Product: UNION 6oz $20.00

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