Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Gillette - Heritage Collectable DE Safety Razor

Company: Gillette
Product: Heritage Collectable DE Safety Razor
Amazon - https://tinyurl.com/saefz5k

Gillette is watching. Yes, Gillette is watching the wet shaving community and that’s a good thing. Last year Gillette released a Heritage Collectible DE Safety Razor in the classic clamshell case and man did that cause excitement in the community. For me, it was something I had to have and apparently so did many others because it didn’t take long before the SOLD OUT sign was posted on the only outlet selling them which was Amazon. For this to happen so quickly could only signal that there is a need for this kind of thing and I can assure you if Gillette decides to do this with another vintage product this frenzy will happen again.

The packaging is what I wanted the most it was the iconic clamshell that drew me to purchase. I’m not sure if the original was leather but the new one is imitation but feels and acts just like the real thing. We have five parts of the product which are Case, Handle, Base. Cover, Blades each one fits snugly into the cutout spaces provided the only drawback is once the razor is assembled you can no longer use the case so in order to store your razor if you have nothing else you must disassemble it after use.

Each chromed part was perfectly done with no signs of any imperfections of and kind. Assembly was smooth and didn't show signs of machine tooling issues that I noticed or experience.

Blade loading was straight forward as DE razors go. You place the blade onto the steam of the head and they place that on top of the base. The handle will screw in from the bottom holding everything in place. I found the blade to be perfectly aligned with no additional adjustment necessary.

This is not an aggressive razor so this would be perfect for that first time user but could also work just fine for the experience one as well. Cleaning is a breeze with just running it underwater and if you really want to clean it well just wash the pieces separately but watch out for the blade.

My shave was flawless something I truly didn’t expect from this razor. It managed to cut through about 6 to 7 days growth and did it cleanly. It reminded me of an Occams Razor Nano shave and if you know anything about me and that razor it's high praise. My post shave feel was a good one without any irritation.

So now let’s talk about the elephant in the room which is who made this razor for Gillette? It’s obvious that they tried to hide that fact because we see no markings of any kind except for a number 4 on the base. I say who cares? I don’t give a shit who manufactured it as long as Gillette continues to see value in doing this in the future I’m OK with not knowing.

So I took a look just to see if Amazon had any in stock and to my surprise they do! So grab yourself one while you can and leave a message to them to continue this trend and maybe will see another vintage DE razor from them this holiday season.

Gillette Heritage Collectable DE Safely Razor $35.00
Amazon - https://tinyurl.com/saefz5k

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