Saturday, February 8, 2020

Nor Easter & Barbasol Shave

Company’s: Barbasol / Captains Choice
Products: Razor / Nor Easter Aftershave

This week we have one more razor to test and that’s the Barbasol from Joe Watt. He told me to be careful with this razor it was very aggressive. After he told me I had second thoughts about using it. A few years ago I had a bad experience with using an aggressive razor that nearly ruined my face it took over two weeks and lots of care to get it back to point of doing reviews again. Not a lot of fun I can tell you but I was determined not to miss this opportunity so I used pre-shaving oil and a blade that I had already used for a few weeks which in my mind would allow an aggressive razor to be a little tamer and it worked!

The razor was presented in its original clamshell box which is amazing to see in such great condition. The razor had seen many uses and it showed in its fit and finish. I would love to see Joe hand this over to a restorer. I’ve seen transformations done and I’m sure this one would be no problem to make look brand new. Inside where two boxes of blades about 5 in each which I would never even think of using and I’m hoping Joe is thinking the same way too just to be safe.

This is a two-piece razor the head is one and the base and handle are the other. The head is placed over the base and guided in by the pins which then gets secured in by screwing it in from the bottom of the handle. Simple but somewhat awkward in its configuration for loading blades but I’m sure you’ll get used to it if it was done enough times.

As soon as the blade was loaded I could see why Joe said it's aggressive the amount of blade exposure was so noticeable one could see it from 10 feet away but like I said before I used pre-shaving oil after wetting my face and my used Persona Blue blade will lessen the sharpness.

I whipped up a nice lather with one of Captain's Choice samples Scott gave me and started to apply to make sure I got right into the beard not leaving any spot uncovered.

With the first stroke you know this is an aggrieve razor I mostly let the razor do all the work but it was difficult to control the pressure simply because no matter what I did it was consistently aggressive. So I continue with very light pressure but had to do a follow up second pass got to the point that it was too much and had to stop.

Now, the best thing about all this was I got to use something from Captains Choice something new that not too many people have because it not available yet it’s called Nor Easter. Scott sent this to me to try and he only had it ready in aftershave the shaving soap will be ready in March. I have to say the scent is fantastic I know I’ve smelled this scent before but can’t put my finger what it is? Since I liked it so much I just kept placing on hoping it would heal my skin and it did a wonderful job of doing just that.

Since this is not my razor I won’t have to worry about using it again but I’m still thankful for Joe allowing me to do so. Also when March comes around don’t forget to look for Nor Easter from Captains Choice it a fantastic scent let me know what you think of it.

Company’s: Barbasol / Captains Choice
Products: Razor / Nor Easter Aftershave 

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