Saturday, May 23, 2020

Crowne & Crane - Tobacco Leaf & Amber

Company: Crowne & Crane
Product: Tobacco & Amber

Once again we are reaching back into the lost soaps and today we are unwrapping a small sample size from Crowne & Crane. This one is tobacco & amber.

On first look you can see that it been some time since its seen the day of light. You will notice the wrapping has been discolored but amazingly the scent is still with the sample and speaking of the sent I’m just not getting Tobacco and amber it seems more of a powdery scent to me but maybe when we lather it will change. 

After unwrapping the sample it was easy to place into the lathering bowl which is such a surprise since it been over 4 years since I got that sample. Lathering was no problem with this soap it created a creamy lather that was able to get right into my beard and provide great coverage. What didn’t happen was the scent change, to me it still had a powdering scent to it. The slickness and glide were still present and allow me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritations. The post shave feel was very good. 

The soap I used was vegan and is not available any more on the website. they only have one soap in vegan all other soaps are in a tallow formula. Which to some is the preferred version but in my opinion with today's artisan including myself I feel the need for tallow in shaving is just not necessary to get superior slickness and glide. 

So I had a great shave with Crowne & Crane and would use it again, they have two sizes now one for $8.50 puck and the other in a jar for $14.95 I didn’t notice any vegan version the only thing that is available in vegan is unscented. 

Company: Crowne & Crane
Product: Tobacco & Amber Puck $8.50 Jar $14.95

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