Saturday, May 16, 2020

Passionately Natural / Mossy Woods

Company: Passionately Natural
Product: Mossy Woods Shaving Soap

In 2016 going on 4 years ago I did a review on Spring Fresh from Passionately Natural. That happened to be one of my favorite shaving soaps at the time and I remember I was given two tins and the other was called Mossy Woods. I have forgotten about that soap until I saw my spring fresh video again and I went back looking for it and found it in a box with other shaving soaps I hadn’t use it a while. I found so many other things in the box that I can do a few reviews with things I just had forgotten about so let this be the first one. 

Tins are things you don’t see much of nowadays but in 2016 they were all around the wet shaving community. This one was packaged very well. So good you could never experience the scent until it was opened. That's amazing for tin and another interesting thing the puck never dried out was still as fresh and the day I received it back 4 years ago. The only thing that happened was the oils seeped into wrapping the puck was in but that’s just normal after so much time. 

The mossy woods scent does not disappoint very earthy cedarwood & rosemary. I would give this a slightly strong on the scale but does not continue after the shave it was begging for an aftershave but I just didn’t have one close to it. 

The trick was trying to lather a 4-year-old puck but it was effortless. I seem to never skip a beat. I was able to whip up a great lather that was thick and creamy that allowed great coverage and got right into the beard. The slickness and glide were on target allowing me to go over trouble spots without fear of irritation. My post shave feels smooth and felt just fine a nice shave. 

So, I’m sorry I waiting so long to try this one but I just forgot about it the performance was truly amazing and it just a testimony to the artisan. Not too many soaps can last in a box for 4 years and then perform like it was just purchased. Guys, we have a winner here!

Company: Passionately Natural
Product: Mossy Woods Shaving Soap 4oz $12.00

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