Saturday, March 27, 2021

Shannon’s Soaps - Lakeshore Drive

Company: Shannon’s Soaps
Product: Lakeshore Drive Rust Belt Reserve

Reaching back into the box of samples once again we select one from a company called Shannons Soaps. This is called Lakeshore Dr. Rust Belt Reserve. I’ve never had the pleasure of using one of Shannon's soaps before so I was eager to give this one a try.

As samples go I had more than enough for at least two shaves with this one, I scooped some out with my finger from the sample jar and without issue placed it into the Wet the Face shaving bowl. Loaded the brush up with water and emptied the contents right into the bowl then began to lather. In seconds you could see it was lathering up real good and the scent was increasing as well.
The scent was something I’ve experienced before it was the overall presents of Neroli even though the notes include bergamot, orange, labdanum, bay, and coumarin the neroli was the dominating note. As hard as the description of the website try’s it didn’t help to convince me otherwise and on a happy note for the tallow must-haves, it’s included in this soap.

The lather was rich and creamy allowing me to have great coverage which got right into the beard. The slickness and glide were just fine allowing me to go over trouble spots with no issues. The post-shave feel was great as well.

I had no issues with this soap and enjoyed shaving with it. The ingredients list is long for this soap with things like Mallow extract, Buckthorn Extract, Meadowfoam seed oil we even have goats milk on the list. I’ve never worked with any of these before so I can’t tell you what benefits they bring to the table but my guess is it a good thing.

This soap is not cheap coming on at $20.00 for 4oz so if that’s too steep to give it a try you can always get the sample size of 0.5oz at about $2.00

Company: Shannon’s Soaps
Product: Lakeshore Drive Rust Belt Reserve $20.00 4oz
Samples available at $2 for o.5oz

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