Saturday, May 8, 2021

Cate’s Bubbles - Ocean Grove

Company: Cate’s Bubbles
Product: Ocean Grove

In my journey into wet shaving, you never forget the first few shaving products you try. Seven years later some of these companies are long gone and some have stayed on not only just surviving but flourishing and being featured in Fortune 500 like Cate’s Bubbles from the humble beginnings to an all-out manufacturing facility truly an amazing accomplishment and the shaving soaps are in every wet shavers den. 

My first shaving soap order included a few of his soaps and now I find myself with another one of his called Ocean Grove This is a blend of fruits, florals, and salty marine notes I find it more floral but it still has a fresh clean sweet scent.

I have the two-ounce size via Benjamin Moran along with some other things to review and give away. The packaging is what you would expect cobalt blue tub with neatly printed waterproof labels on the top of the lid and side for the ones who stack the tubs.

The soap texture is soft but not loose so placing it into a lathering bowl is not a problem. The lather is easy to do just a brush full of water into the bowl and off you go in just a min you’ll have more than enough to do a few passes. the lather is easy to apply and goes right into the beard allowing for great coverage getting right into the beard. The slickness and glide and above average and allows you to go over trouble spots free of irritation. The post shave feel is a good one make this a go-to shaving soap in one's rotation.

I’m glad I had the chance to use Cate’s Bubbles again I use a different soap each week and its always for reviews so I really never get to select freely what I want. this was a nice surprise like coming back to an old friend you missed.  

Company: Cate’s Bubbles
Product: Ocean Grove 2.0 oz

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