Saturday, May 15, 2021

Mag T - Magnetic Safety Razor

Company: MagT Product: Mag T 'DELTA' - Double Edge Safety Razor

When I first saw this new razor I was floored by its design. A striking new concept in safety razor style and functionality. I’ve never seen anything like it before. This razor uses magnetics to hold and keep the razor blade in place and something else the creator points out the magnetic properties also keeps the blade sharp. Oh, the truth in advertising well, two out of here ain’t bad.

This comes in a very attractive black box that protects the razor during shipping. Inside you will find a booklet explaining the components and allowing you to see with illustrations how the razor loads also included in the caring of the razor and some important Do’s and Don’t. Tucked underneath the razor is a package of blades as well.

Once you're holding the razor you can feel how hefty (5oz) it is for a DE. That being said I’ll also point out that I think it's a little top-heavy as well but you get used to it even on the first shave.

The blade loading of MagT is simple but can be tricky mainly because you're working with strong magnets and it's constantly attracting whatever you place near it but after you load this razor for the first time you know what to expect. In the illustrations, you pull the top off and you will see the notch posts on the base which you place the blade onto than just place the top back on.

Now here is where it gets interesting. When you're ready to shave you will notice with the first stroke this is an aggressive razor. I was told it was designed that way to emulate a straight razor but as a hybrid. I pointed out to the designer Vittorio Velho that purposely making the MagT razor aggressive does not make a good design goal. I went on to tell him I’ve used straights before and many DE, SE, razors and had amazing close shaves, and not one of them was aggressive. As the designer of the razor, he came back defending the aggressiveness which is understandable be that as it may the aggressiveness is the only issue I have with this razor. I’m hoping that another blade might help but if it's designed to be that way I’m sure nothing I do is going to change that fact.

So I did have a good shave but needed to be very careful and go slow also trying not to apply any pressure. I’m sure if you keep shaving with this razor things will fall into place and at $49.00 it’s not that expensive to give it a try. We have a 10% discount code for anyone who is thinking about trying one the code is WETTHEFACE10

Company: MagT
Product: Mag T 'DELTA' - Double Edge Safety Razor $49.00

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