Saturday, June 26, 2021

Grey's Vetiver Tallow Version - Wet The Face

Company: Wet The Face
Product: Grey's Vetiver Tallow Version

This week we release another tallow shaving soap in our line called Grey’s Vetiver. This is one of my personal favorites the scent is from Tom Ford and I have been told it very close to the real thing.

This soap is using our new tallow-based formula which has been getting raves from our customers, they like the soft soap version over the hard pucks of last year and find them easier to store and manage. We agree!

This has to be the easiest label I have ever created for a product and wanted to not redesign it again so we just added the words tallow version on the label to denote the differences everything else is the same.

It has been said that this product when it was first released has a light scent to it. We then went back to enhance the sent which is what we did to the tallow version as well. Most soaps shouldn’t be judged from the tub they have to be touched by water and loaded into a brush for you to give an accurate account of how the soap performs scent-wise.

So we have one more release to go after this and that will complete the tallow line for this year. I will have the supporters pick a new one for next year in a community vote.

Stay cool everyone!
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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