Saturday, October 23, 2021

Pure - Gillette Shaving Cream

 Our shave today is nothing but Pure and I mean that because I’m using the Pure Gillette shaving cream. One of the best shaving creams on the market. I put this right up there with Deep from Nivea. These two products are my favorites Pure has the advantage of being the slickest with a creamier lather.

If your looking for something that is not only good for your body but also for the environment then look no further PURE by Gillette is 0% alcohol, dyes, parabens, and sulfates. The PURE shave cream is infused with aloe and helps your razor glide smoothly over your skin. it protects against irritation on sensitive skin during the shave and here is the best part it has this lightly cooling sensation (menthol) to soothe. When you experience the post-shave feel of PURE it will call you back each time you need to shave it's that good. 

If you use a brush then the good news is you can use a brush with this product as I did in this week's video. I first started off with about a dime size amount and worked it into my beard with my fingertips and after a min or so place another dime size in my already wet brush and worked that in as well and the result was an amazing lather thick, rich and creamy with a little menthol cooling my face.

The shave was nothing more than fantastic I had zero issues going over trouble spots and had no fear of irritation it was simply a pleasure. The post-shave feel was one of the best I’ve had with shaving cream, I highly recommend you try this one. 

Also during this shave I talked about my weight gain due to the drugs I’m taking to control the acid in my blood but without them, I would be in excruciating pain. I inherited this condition from my mother and she suffered as much as I am now. At this stage in my life (61) I’m glad to just be around both my parents died in the same year eight months apart in 1994 both in their 60’s so I’m always thinking is this going to happen to me. 

My sister is extremely generous to both my brother and me. For my birthday this year, she gave me a gift card worth $250 for the store DXL. If you are not overweight or tall person then I’ll explain that this is what is commonly called a big and tall mens store. DXL has amazing clothes but sadly the prices are high. I picked up just two pants and a shirt and the card was almost depleted. Now, thanks to my sister, I have added more to my wardrobe which was desperately needed. 

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