Saturday, February 19, 2022

Clubman Shaving Cream - Revisit

When I use a product a few times I usually form a solid opinion about it and never waver but after 5 years I find myself questioning my opinion about Clubman Shave Cream. I can say with certainty that my taste for the product has definitely changed I don't care for it anymore. 

You can say this product has the best slickness and glide and the scent is amazing but for me, if it's not going to lather then the party is over.  

Back when I used this for the first time I wasn't as experienced in wet shaving as I am now and with all the reviews behind me I think I have a good idea of what I like. 

The product was only $5.00 at the time and very disappointing with the quality of its presentation. The label on the lid was crookedly placed along with the label that wraps around the tub all of them made of paper. A strange choice of material for a product that would be used in a bathroom. Needless to say, they all were ruined after just a few weeks. 

The scent of this product is one of the best barbershop scents I've come across in all my years doing reviews but scent, slickness, glide is what this shaving cream is all about. 

I prefer lather when I shave, this is a personal choice, and if you like to shave with products that don't lather I would recommend this in a heartbeat. If you never tried this you can't go wrong for $5.00 to find out if this is for you or not.

Don Youngner - Wet The Face

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