Saturday, February 12, 2022

You must try Arko Extra Fresh

When you mention Arko be it shaving stick or shaving cream it sparks a conversation. I remember my first time trying Arko stick and the pushback I got for saying I didn’t like the scent is still going on today, I released a video called Arko Shaving Stick (First Time User) on my youtube channel 5 years ago that one video now has over 29 thousand views and is the most-watched video currently on my channel.

I personally prefer the Arko shaving cream which comes in a toothpaste-like tube. The one that I reach for every time is called Extra Fresh Ice Mint a must-have for any menthol head like me.
Let me bring you back to Jan 14, 2017, over 5 years ago when I first used this amazing shaving cream.

January 14, 2017
Whenever I find something that I feel I need to share with fellow wet shavers I write and make a video about it. This week I’ll bring to your attention something you might not have tried yet or maybe you have seen it on a (SOTD) or shave of the day posting in one of the forums. This one is from a Turkish company called Arko. The product is called Extra Fresh Ice Mint Shaving Cream. Now I’ve used Arko products before but really didn’t like the scent of the popular little red shaving soap stick. This new line of shaving creams came out a few years ago and I’m really impressed with it. Not only of the modern look but a great new take on shaving cream scents as well.

You might just mistake this for a tube of your favorite toothpaste they look so much alike but please don’t brush your teeth with it. This has to be one of the best packagings for a shaving cream I’ve seen yet. Easy to store easy to dispense.

This shaving cream has a clean cologne scent to it, not too harsh and it’s just right for me. The real surprise comes a few minutes after you apply it. The “Ice Mint Effect” is surprising because it sneaks up on you and then wham you get this cool bright clean burst feeling on your face and it stays with you until the shave is over.

The lather is absolutely tops I bowl lather and produced amazing amounts of it in less than a min. The only thing I had to do was add a little extra water. The slickness and glide all high ratings and the post-shave feel were fantastic as well.

So if you're new to wet shaving or just want to try something different then get yourself some of this Arko shaving cream. They come in 5 different types Cool, Sensitive, Comfort, Performance, and Fresh, and for such a low price you just can’t go wrong.

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