Saturday, April 9, 2022

INFINITY - New From Wet The Face

Today we release something new from Wet The Face called Infinity. This venture has an interesting behind-the-scenes story to it which involves one of our own Wet The Face community supporters Benjamin Moran. A few months ago Ben explained that he was in talks with another artisan to create a shaving soap for him based on Eternity for Men. I'm not sure why or what happened but things started to go south on this project and he asked if I would take the project over. I told him I had no idea what Eternity smells like he would have to provide me with a reference, so he sent me a few samples. I was working on our Brutis shaving soap at the time so I had to finish that project before starting to work with Ben. 

After the Brutis project was finished I got right to work and in about two to three weeks I had 3 profiles based on Eternity to send to Ben but wound up only sending the closest two. After a few days of testing, Ben came back with the winner and I agreed with his selection. Now that we had the scent profile picked all I needed to do was add it to my base formula and then get to work on packaging. 

Ben explained what kind of design he was looking for but it didn't sit well with me so I started to design something which used some elements of the original but in a different direction visually. We then concentrated on the final look going back and forth with improvements and corrections until we had the final version. I sent it off to the printers and once the labels arrived back here I completed one shaving soap and mailed it off to Ben to try, Ben took about a week to get back to me and he was very pleased with the results. 

So that's my story on Infinity I normally never collaborate with anyone but it was a great experience working with Ben that turned out so well. I hope you enjoy Infinity as much as I had created it. 

As always be kind to one another 
Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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