Saturday, April 2, 2022

Shaving & Talking #12 Featuring Long Rifle Shaving Soap

Today's Shaving and Talking #12 we feature the shaving soap from Long Rifle Soap Co. This release has been out for a while now but I remember the first time I tried it Amanda sent it to 
me to give her feedback and of course, it was perfect. I’ve watched her grow as a company and I’m sure she will be giving us amazing products for years to come.

This soap base was introduced in 2020 and for me, it checks all the boxes. It still comes in a tin which now a day is going against the grain but with the theme of the company being Long Rifle, it just makes perfect sense, and nice to see this tradition continue.
The scent on Hivernant is a menthol lover's dream with notes of rosemary mint and tea tree essential oils an amazing combination you will reach for time and again.

On the talking side of things I’ve started watching Pieces of Her from Netflix which started with an Angelina Jolie Salt beginning for just one episode then focuses from the mother to the daughter and things change but it is still a good story but I would rather have seen more of Tony Collette kicking ass. Next, I started catching up with Marvelous Miss Mail which for me is so funny. Then watching the second season of Upload. The premise is before you die you upload yourself to a new world a digital world where you live forever and let me tell you the same shit that happens in the real world still happens in the digital. Finally, I’m waiting for Peaky Blinders to arrive for its 6 and final season.

So this is it for now
As always be kind to one another

Don Youngner
Wet The Face

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